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Water leaks and burst pipes repaired in:

  • Domestic heating systems
  • Toilet overflows
  • Toilet blockages cleared
  • Hot water cylinders
  • Immersions
  • Pumps
  • Cold and Hot Tanks
  • Ball value repairs
  • Burst pipes in walls / under floor
  • Leaking taps
  • W.C's blocked or leaking
  • Sinks unblocked

Plumbing And Heating Services

Bathroom Fitters

Bathroom fitting testimonials

We live just a few miles south, down the A5, near to Towcester.

Our bathroom was planned and installed perfectly thanks to Tony and his team of Towcester bathroom fitters.

Tony is the kind of man who makes constructive suggestions on bathroom layout and design. I do advice you to take heed and listen to him because he is a very experienced and talented man.

I was originally thinking of having an olive bathroom colour but decided against it. Olive, in bathrooms, would just be too difficult to match and would be far too expensive for any bathroom design. Towcester may not have a good supply of olive bathroom fittings and designs.

You can see that I needed all the help that I could get and Tony came to my assistance with plenty of bright bathroom design ideas. Soon I had a good idea of how my bathroom design would all look and work much better for me. Tony saved me from trying some daft design ideas which would not work for a bathroom that's going to be with us for at least 15 years.

Then they started work and 'wow' - did they work or what!

The bathroom became transformed thanks to Tony and his team.

Just look at the transformation and see the list of hard work detail they put into my bathroom:

  • Removal of old skirting board
    • Good idea Tony, nice clean look with floor to ceiling tiles
  • Removal of old tiles
  • Removal of our horrid old bathroom suite
  • Laying of my new laminate floor, including ply board underneath + insulation
  • Door shaved to accommodate for new floor
  • New door bar fitted
  • New bathroom extractor vent
    • Regulations requirement, apparently
  • New light fitting
    • Properly installed with tail wire and loft connections
  • New pull cord switch
  • Dam good thermostatic shower (better than my inferior 1st idea)
  • Pump piping to power shower
  • New 1.5 bar pump installation
  • New radiator fitted in new position
    • My two year old white radiator rusted, chrome is better apparently so thanks again Tony
  • My badly painted window shelf removed and complete window retiled
    • The whole window shelf came out and the loose bricks where then made good
    • Nice white trim finish to window frame
    • Good low future maintenance job, thanks again
  • End shelf made from gap to wall at end of bath
    • Really useful and works very well - thanks
  • Posh shower screen fitted
  • Attaching bathroom fittings as required
  • Bathroom wall cabinets and worktop installed
  • Bathroom tiles for all walls
  • Complete bathroom suite installed
    • All new waste and connection piping as and when required

These bathroom fitters just keep on going non-stop no matter what obstacles they found in their way. It's all 'simply part of their day to provide service and a fantastic bathroom for you' - unbeatable!

I honestly have not seen, or experienced, people working so hard with such skill and dedication.

And the price - I'll not say because I truly feel that Tony and his team deserved much more. We, in fact, paid him a big bonus extra beyond his final bill.

This is how our OLD bathroom looked...

No bathroom units, bad floor, old bathroom suite and fittings


 Horrible corner bath in a bad state

 Good morning (NOT) - not in this old bathroom Amazing how we put up with this bathroom like it was!

Many thanks for our new bathroom.

Anton & Pauline


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Keep warm, keep safe heating services:

  • Heating Repairs all leading makes of
  • boilers
  • gas appliances
  • Gas safety checks
  • Gas pressure testing
  • Central heating repairs
  • Central heating system extensions and upgrades
  • Radiator flushing and treating systems
  • Boiler upgrades and renewals
  • Fault diagnostics and repairs
  • Thermostatic radiator valves fitted
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Complete installations